Rolling Turf Golf Course


Course Rules

1. Please replace divots.

2. Repair one ball mark on each green.

3. Minors MUST have adult supervision.

4. All players must have bags and clubs to avoid slow play.

5. One stroke penalty for improving lie in creek bed if unplayable. Drop ball on side not closest to pin.

6. No. 3 hole cemetary left and white stakes on right out of bounds. Re-tee and take one stroke penalty.

7. Holes 4 and 10 improve lie at fence one club length no closer to flag. No penalty.

8. No practice swings on tee and keep carts off greens and tees.

9. No more than a foursome in a group.

10. All players and other persons at the golf club, or on the golf course, assume all risk of injury to themselves, damage and loss to property, and are liable for their acts to all other persons.